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Tibastro's  Specialty Products are available for purchase at this site and can also be found in many retail outlets in Australia.
All these products originate from our research into the ancient Tibetan systems of astrology and medicine.  We consider these products to be very special in that we have found craftspersons to revive these ancient arts.  All these products are made especially for Tibastro.com and come with booklets explaining their unique qualities.

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The Tibetan Medical Bracelet

Tib Med Bracelet
style 2, 3, 4 photo's to go here

is made from five metals that subtly influence the five elemental and planetary energies circulating in the human body.  Worn on the wrist it is said to assist in harmonising these energies, and is a positive influence on our general health and well being.
Specially made for Tibetan Astrology Australia.  Comes with small information booklet on the subtle effects of the metals and design.
More info.
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The Tibetan Shamanic Mirror

This Tibetan Melong or Shamanic Mirror is an ancient mystical device that has far ranging applications.  Its origin dates back 5000 years to the ancient pre-Buddhist era of the original Tibetan Bon shamans, who were the healers, prophets and magicians of the Nomadic inhabitants of the Tibetan plateau.  When Buddhsim came to Tibet , many of these practices were absorbed into Buddhism giving Tibetan Buddhism its distinct qualities, and today the melong is still used and worn by many lama's, astrologers and healers. More info.

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Golden Wheel of Wisdom
Tibetan Astrological Amulet


In TIBET,  the making of amulets, sealed in silk brocade is a long honoured tradition dating back to ancient times.
These are produced for healing, protection & harmonising of  energies.  more info

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Sipaho - Tibetan Thangka of Protection

This is the 'great symbol' of Tibetan astrology and astronomy and contains all the symbolic keys to these sciences.  Used in Tibetan 'geomancy' to prevent negative influences from entering the home.  It is usually displayed above the main door, but can be used effectively anywhere within the home or work environment.
49cm X36 cm Glossy colour.
Explanation in English on reverse side.
$5.95 inc GST
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Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology
2nd Edition
by Men Tsee Khang astrologers.


Soft Cover: 65 pages: 1999.
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The Tibetan-English Dictionary of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology.
by Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso & Tsipa Tsering Dolma

cover by dawa (image to go here)

A truly great achievment, the first book of its kind, over 4000 major entries,
herbs, astrological terms, anatomy, folklore, medicines, methods, etc.
The essential reference work for scholars or enthusiasts.
Limited edition: Hardcover: 360 pages: Dharamsala, 1999.
 This book's publication was sponsored by Tibastro.com
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