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Melong - the Tibetan Shamanic Mirror

This Tibetan Melong or Shamanic Mirror is an ancient mystical device that has far ranging applications.  Its origin dates back 5000 years to the ancient pre-Buddhist era of the original Tibetan Bon shamans, who were the astrologers, healers, soothsayers and magicians of the nomadic inhabitants of the Tibetan plateau.  When Buddhism came to Tibet , many of these practices were absorbed into it giving Tibetan Buddhism some of its distinctive qualities.  Today the melong is still used and worn by many lamas, astrologers and shamanic healers.

The Melong comes with a 24 page booklet providing lots of info on how to use this wonderful mystical device.

This booklet details these features of the Melong.

  • Tibetan Lea metal, the special blending of eight metals; gold, silver, copper, nickel, etc.
  • Health benefits of melong
  • Divination and‘inner vision’
  • The Tibetan geomantic energy of Sky Medicine
  • Personal Sky Medicine - how to enhance your own personal Sky medicine energy
  • Household Sky Medicine - how to enhance Sky Medicine in your environment
  • How to wear your melong
  • How to place your melong
  • Healing systems using melong
  • Charging your melong
  • Protective functions of melong

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